Traders Academy

From basic terms to advanced strategies and techniques, ‘Africa Coins Online Trading Academy’ every trader will learn how to start trading.


Basic Trading Terms


  • Provides an outline of basic online market concepts and terms used in trading.
  • Market Fundamentals
  • Gives traders information about the factors that influence the price movements in the foreign exchange market.
  • Placing orders
  • Beginner traders can learn the different types of orders and when and how to use each one of them.
  • Fundamental vs Technical Analysis
  • Successful online trading requires knowledge and understanding of the most important analysis used.


Technical Analysis: Charts


  • Technical analysis is one of the most commonly used tools when trading the online markets. It involves the use of different types of charts.
  • Reading Charts
  • When trading the online markets, participants use charts to make better decisions. It is important for every trader to know how to read and understand charts.


The Use of Trends


  • A trend represents the general direction in which a security or market is headed. It is a very useful tool for every trader.


Moving Averages


  • Provides important information about what moving averages are and how they are used.

What Will You Learn on Financial Trading:

Introduction to Financial Markets – basics of trading

Macroeconomic events and their impact on Financial Markets – fundamental news and political events are the cause of most significant markets moves

Technical analysis – detailed explanations of technical analysis tools and of the way trading techniques can be combined to build robust trading strategies

Trading psychology and risk management – understanding of how the natural human emotions of hope, fear, greed and over-confidence

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